What our clients say about us

Posted: 18th October, 2017

Managing your payroll is a heavy administrative burden. Many firms lack the internal resources and expertise to process payroll as it needs to be done. It's no surprise that more and more businesses are switching to outsourced payroll support instead. We could wax lyrical about our payroll services but it's what our clients think that really matters. We're going to let them be our advocates and share with you some of our most recent testimonials to help you understand their reasons for choosing Quill as their outsourced payroll supplier and the benefits it brings to their companies. Read case studies.

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10 questions to ask your outsourced payroll provider

Posted: 12th October, 2017

You can’t be an expert in all areas of your business so it’s important to focus on your strengths. And, even if you are an all-rounder, it’s impossible to do everything yourself within the limited hours of the working day. Whether the issue is lack of direction or lack of time, there’s one easy solution to these age-old problems: outsourcing. But, just as you wouldn’t employ a new member of staff without rigorous application and interviewing procedures, you shouldn’t engage an outsourcing provider without careful questioning and screening. Our self-help guide poses 10 essential questions to ask before you outsource.

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We're giving something back

Posted: 5th October, 2017

As ardent charity stalwarts, 2016 is a pretty hard year to beat from a fundraising perspective. We raised and donated money to 27 different charities to the tune of £8,814. We did all manner of activities to achieve this jaw-dropping figure. However, we’re determined to smash this total in 2017 and we’re already well on the way to achieving our ambitious goal. Want to know our fundraising monies to date? Drum roll please… £5,250! Read more, get involved and sponsor our Tough Mudder challenge.

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The 'why' and 'how' of outsourcing

Posted: 26th September, 2017

Life happens. Natural disaster, extreme weather, health pandemics, cyber security attacks, power loss, IT failure, fire, theft, terrorist threats, transport network issues… the list goes on. This eclectic selection of events is just some of the many causes of disruption to businesses. While all this is happening, and you're running on less staff, some functions are being left unattended. Whether you’re an owner, manager or employee, you’ll be gratified to read that there’s a readily available, easily affordable solution to these staffing problems: outsourcing.

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Getting to grips with auto enrolment pensions

Posted: 18th September, 2017

If you’re struggling to get to grips with auto enrolment, we can help. First, we’ll adopt a layman’s-terms approach to explain the principles and practice. Second, for those companies with little enough time as it is, never mind carrying the additional burden of auto enrolment, we offer our outsourced payroll service as a complete, stress-free solution. Read more.

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5 reasons to outsource your payroll

Posted: 13th September, 2017

The clock is ticking for UK employers who haven’t yet gone live with auto enrolment workplace pensions. The final staging dates are imminent and The Pensions Regulator is now routinely publishing details of employers who've been ordered to pay fines for ignoring new pension rules. According to latest statistics, more than 4,673 fixed penalty notices for non-compliance were issued in the first three months of 2017 alone. If you're not compliant already, now's the time to act. We’ve helpfully compiled a compelling list of five good reasons to outsource your payroll and pensions function, which is the foolproof and easy way to ensure compliance.

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