Bacs approved bureau stamp

Our long-established, Liverpool-based payroll bureau carries the Bacs stamp of approval. In our most recent Bacs inspection, we achieved an 'excellent' score in the majority of the inspection report's categories.

The high-level assessment of business practices, standards, procedures and controls within our payroll division rated us on factors such as organisation, financial information, physical security, computer operations, systems support and Bacs processing. The routine review thoroughly investigated every aspect of our bureau's operations, from staff and visitor access to the office building, to verification of the monthly final Bacs reports against input data.

Focusing predominantly on security elements, the assessment's concluding summary report details the findings along with category ratings for an at-a-glance view of our notable strengths, and recommendations in areas where potential improvements have been identified.

Bacs authorisation means that we’re permitted to perform your payroll function on your behalf, including transferring money from your business bank account directly into your employees’ bank accounts to pay their monthly salaries.

Tom Wormald, MD, comments on the successful inspection: "Our payroll office has been established since the 1980s and Bacs approved since 1998. Our lengthy history means that key responsibilities are well segregated, procedures clearly documented and security measures carefully defined. We believe that the highest quality professional standards are essential for efficient, safe management of our clients' payroll function. The successful assessment results demonstrate our unfailing commitment to date protection and comprehensive payroll support on a day-to-day basis, and business continuity planning for unforeseen emergency situations. As a forward-thinking company, this report is also helping us to introduce subtle, but signficant, changes to our payroll processes and IT infrastructure which will improve our service standards yet further."