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Sally Thompson, Managing Partner at Luqmani Thompson & Partners, won the ‘practice management’ category in the Legal Aid Lawyer Awards 2019. Commenting on the reasons leading to her awards success, Sally states:

“We’ve been in business now for 21 years. Through hard work and determination, we’ve built our practice up to what it is today – one of the leading firms in immigration and human rights law. We’re extremely proud of our close-knit professional team whose expertise is widely acknowledged, not least by legal directory rankings and recommendations. Yet we couldn’t do what we do without the backup of Quill, who is a primary supplier.

“You see, Quill provides much of what we need for our back office to run smoothly. Quill’s Payroll service keeps our team on the straight and narrow. Outsourcing is a smart decision we’ve never looked back on and we have made the right choices. We only wish we’d outsourced earlier. Now, we’re saving money, time and office space whilst ensuring we can channel our efforts where it has the most impact – representing clients and running our business. And those two things combined help win awards. We’re grateful to Quill for being instrumental in our accomplishments.”

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