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Long-time Quill client, Petersfields LLP, utilises the full range of software and outsourcing services from its trusted supplier. Subscribing to Interactive for case management and document management, Pinpoint for outsourced cashiering and Payroll for outsourced payroll and pension management, Quill provides a complete back office support structure for the busy twin-site law firm.

Nick Timmings, Partner at Petersfields, says: “By relying on Quill for all our main software and service needs, we have one monthly payment, one point of contact and one primary store of our electronic files. It’s so convenient and so much easier to run our business in this totally integrated way.”

Commenting on the outsourced payroll and pension management service, as well as outsourced cashiering service, Nick states:

“With Pinpoint, there’s always someone covering our accounts and we’re always compliant with regulatory guidelines. These are likely to be the two biggest headaches of any law firm operating an in-house cashiering function whereas we don’t even have to think about it. The same applies to payroll. There are none of the usual concerns about staff absence or compliance.

“The latter – compliance – is a big issue in relation to payroll. The introduction of automatic enrolment pension reform impacted every single company regardless of size. With Quill’s payroll service, we simply set up our pension scheme with Nest then authorised our Quill payroll clerk to do the rest. Quill sorts out our pension contributions and advises of any changes to these, assuring absolute compliance with stringent pension rules throughout.”

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