MS Society Employer of the Year Award 2016

We've been voted 'Employer of the Year' in the Multiple Sclerosis Society Awards 2016.

The judging panel were looking for organisations that create an excellent working environment for staff with MS, and show consistent awareness and consideration of the fluctuating nature of the illness. But, rather than employers just offering flexible working hours and more regular breaks from work, the winner would demonstrate going above and beyond normal practice to support staff with MS.

Our most noteworthy nomination was from Sue Heller who's worked as a bookkeeper in our Liverpool office for 24 years. Sue has MS. She credits her longstanding service to our readiness to accommodate her changing MS symptoms to the best of our ability, from relocating buildings for easier access and providing special taxis to transport Sue to off-site meetings to buying a wheelchair for office use and assigning colleagues to assist with evacuation during emergency situations... and more.

Another major contributory factor in our awards success was our active fundraising efforts for the MS Society. We've pledged over £13,000 during the past 2 years alone.

We attended the awards ceremony on 27th April which priased the courageous individuals coping with the degenerative effects of MS as well as rewarded those people or companies who've supported the MS community in some significant way, ourselves amongst them.

To see the full list of 2016 award winners and finalists, go to