Returning payroll service users - Sefton Park Medical Centre

Simon Turton, Practice Manager at Sefton Park Medical Centre, “undertook a business refresh exercise as a means of becoming more efficient” which included cancelling Quill's outsourced payroll support. Whilst the majority of decisions made led to business improvements, the practice quickly regretted leaving Quill and returned with a month. Read Simon's story.

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Award-winning support - Luqmani Thompson & Partners

“Quill’s Payroll service keeps our team on the straight and narrow. Outsourcing is a smart decision we’ve never looked back on and we have made the right choices. We only wish we’d outsourced earlier. We’re saving money, time and office space whilst ensuring we can channel our efforts where it has the most impact – representing clients and running our business. And those two things combined help win awards.”

Sally Thompson

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Assured payroll compliance - Petersfields LLP

"Compliance is a big issue in relation to payroll. The introduction of automatic enrolment pension reform impacted every single company regardless of size. With Quill’s payroll service, we simply set up our pension scheme with Nest then authorised our Quill payroll clerk to do the rest. Quill sorts out our pension contributions and advises of any changes to these, assuring absolute compliance with stringent pension rules throughout."

Nick Timmings

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Cost-effective payroll service - MPP Solicitors

"On the basis that payroll never stands still, it was all too much to handle by one person – me – as a minor part of their job. Payroll is so time consuming and was causing me pain on an almost daily basis. Also, dedicated software, such as Sage, is very expensive. It’s much more cost effective to simply outsource payroll in its entirety to Quill. So that’s exactly what we did."

Allan Hunt

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Reverting to outsourced payroll support - Armstrong & Co Solicitors

"Where payroll and pension regulations are concerned, you can either take a view to employ a knowledgeable person for the role or outsource to the experts. There are constant changes to legislation yet compliance is absolutely mandatory. By outsourcing, it’s plain sailing. Compliance is assured. We’re living proof of how outsourcing’s best to operate the payroll function. We recommend Quill for the job!"

Imran Khawaja

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Whole package support - Lawyers Inc.

"With a portfolio spanning payroll and legal accounting, we get the whole package with Quill. We have one supplier for outsourcing support which is so convenient."

Jason Joyce

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Reduced HR workload - North Star Law

"As Quill Payroll clients, we’re reducing the HR workload and lowering overhead expenditure."

Sandra Lopes

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Promptness of service - AK Law

"Our payroll clerk is proficient at handling any late-in-the-day salary-related adjustments and will do whatever it takes to ensure our payroll’s processed on time, every time."

Milton Andreou

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Software and outsourced service support - Warner & Richardson Solicitors

“Our payroll clerk and legal cashier are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. What more could we ask for?”

Heather Gardiner

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