School Payroll Services & Solutions

Running a modern-day school is about more than just curriculum delivery. Take your payroll and pension, for instance. Your teachers’ pay, conditions and pensions are immensely complicated, determined by many factors such as pay scale, responsibility and performance.

And that’s only your full time, permanent teaching staff. There are also part time and supply teachers, and the horde of management, administrative, domestic and catering employees which make up your workforce.

So, why not outsource to the experts instead for a mere fraction of the cost of performing payroll in house?

Our Quill Payroll outsourcing service covers everything payroll and pension related. As a Bacs-authorised bureau, we even process your staff’s payments directly into their bank accounts.

Quill Payroll comprises…

  • Designated point of contact: Your named clerk provides truly personal payroll support with assigned deputy for continuous cover
  • Flexible characteristics: Catering for standard and non-standard payrolls, part-Bacs-part-cheque requirements, any frequency, varying pay groups, changing NI numbers and pro rata calculations of salaries based on your school’s term-time length
  • Payslip breakdown: Showing pay scales, overtime, SMP (for large or small employers), SSP, SPP, expenses including mileage claims, loan re-payments, gross and net amounts, pensionable and non-pensionable earnings
  • Compliance with evolving legislation: Abolition of NI for under 21s, workplace pensions, Employment Allowance NICs contributions savings, etc… we’ve got it covered!
  • Diary administration: Tracking holidays, sickness, maternity, paternity, shared parental or unpaid leave for any qualifying pattern
  • Optional pension management: Including eligibility assessment, opt-ins and opt-outs, bespoke pension contributions, auto-adjusted calculations for pay-scale modifications and pension provider data upload according to auto enrolment regulations

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