Ambitious Quillathlon 2019 charity fundraiser

Posted: 17th July, 2019

With Cancer Research UK as our charity of the year, our in-house voluntary charity committee has been busy planning 2019’s main fundraiser. The wait is over and we can reveal… our Quillathlon!

Beginning on 7th September and continuing to 22nd September, we intend to ‘travel’ to our furthest-away client which happens to be Falklands Legal located in the Falkland Islands. As our head office is based in Manchester, the total distance between the start and end points is 7,940 miles.

Using a mixture of exercise bikes, rowing machines and treadmills in our regional sites, and combining with walks and cycles on the commute to and from work, and adding into the pot any lunchtime, evening and weekend walking, cycling and swimming activities, we aim to complete the ambitiously long route within our 15-day deadline.

To kick things off, we’re organising two long Quill-wide walks. The first is a canal walk across a stretch of the trail from Leeds to Liverpool, a fitting choice as our Manchester headquarters is situated next to the Bridgewater Canal. The second is the Fairfield Horseshoe, a circular hillwalking ridge walk in the Lake District, starting from Rydal or Ambleside and taking in all the fells that surround the valley of Rydal Beck along a 10-mile course.

While we fully appreciate the mammoth task we’ve set ourselves, we’re trying to make the challenge slightly more achievable by allowing friends and family to get involved too. Mileage logged by Quill employees also applies to other participants. And everything counts, even a walk around a shopping centre.

We’re utilising technology to assist the tracking process where possible. Fitbits, mobile phone apps, and journeys calculated on cycling, rowing and running machines are all in on the act. To make sure every entry is legitimate, we’re asking for photographic evidence using the hashtag #quillathlon. Cheating is most definitely not permitted.

Finally, we’re keen on healthy competition to motivate us towards our goal, so we’ll be giving away prizes to the best-performing teams. More on this to follow.

As our valued client, partner or supplier, you can support our Quillathlon initiative by pledging sponsorship money. Please visit to make a secure online donation. Every penny counts and helps us get that bit closer to our £3,970 target. Also, do keep an eye on Twitter to see what’s happening around our #quillathlon hashtag.

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