Snow proof your business with Quill

Posted: 30th January, 2019

There's severe snow fall across the UK today which means travellers face extensive delays and disruption on their commute to work. With gridlocked roads due to snow and ice, journeys are taking much longer than usual, and the Met Office is advising drivers to take particular care in deteriorating conditions and avoid travelling altogether if possible.

To further add to the chaos, some airports are closed, tram lines are down, rail services are cancelled and schools are shut for the day, thereby putting extra pressures on commuters who have limited alternative means of travel and childcare responsibilities to contend with.

At times such as these, it's worth remembering the benefits of outsourcing services which continue uninterrupted, whatever the weather. Choose Quill's outsourced payroll and pension management support. It comes with constant service provision as standard thereby making sure your staff still get paid and pension contributions uploaded, even when your employees are stuck at home.

You can also select Quill's outsourced typing and bookkeeping services for a complete weather-proofing infrastructure this winter. Contact us to protect your back office functions against the weather.