Electronic Payslips

Traditionally, payslips are paper documents. In some businesses, staff still like to touch and feel a physical payslip. It’s the next best thing to being given a cheque or handling cash and, quite simply, it’s what they’re familiar with.

But, for other businesses, payslips are a target for snoopers who might want to see what colleagues earn. And for employees based at home, there’s the added time delay and expense of sending individual payslips to the residential address.

Moving to electronic payslips immediately solves all of these problems. With the Quill Payroll outsourcing service, your employees can instantly receive electronic payslips as an alternative to conventional security-sealed, printed payslips for these, and more, benefits:-

  • Save time – speed delivery of payslips on pay day itself, be it monthly, weekly or fortnightly
  • Enhance security – a unique log in via the internet keeps sensitive pay information safe from prying eyes
  • Access 24/7 – your head office, satellite office and remote workers can view payslips any time
  • Improve information flow – give your employees a single point of access for both new and historic payslips
  • Become eco-friendly – by no longer using paper to print your payslips, you can support the environment

Here’s how it works…

  • Employees automatically receive an email to their nominated email account – be it a company or personal email address – alerting them that their new e-payslip is ready to view at the relevant pre-defined time within the pay period
  • Your employees can subsequently log in to a secure website whenever, wherever – or even look on an app – and see their latest payslip and salary information
  • Users can also review previous pay periods as all pay data is electronically stored in one place; compared with the old-fashioned method, this means payslips aren’t scattered across jacket pockets, wallets, handbags and drawers, making it easier to gather up all the information needed for processes such as mortgage applications, checking tax returns and generally keeping up-to-date with their accounts throughout the year

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