Bacs Approved Payroll Service

Why choose Quill Payroll?

If you’re thinking of outsourcing your payroll, one of the many things to look out for is Bacs approval. A bureau who’s Bacs approved, like Quill Payroll, can process payments electronically to your employees, HMRC and other third party organisations such as the Student Loans Company.

For you, this means comprehensive end-to-end payroll support. You can literally leave your entire payroll function in our capable – and checked-and-verified – hands. It’s a complete, hassle-free payroll solution for all your Direct Debit and Bacs Direct Credit transactions.

The Bacs-approval scheme

The Bacs Approved Bureau Scheme sets out stringent standards which any bureau must meet in order to secure the Bacs stamp of approval. Bacs undertakes thorough initial inspection and ongoing audit reviews covering risk management and assessment in five categories, these being organisation and financial information, physical security, computer operations, applications and systems support, and Bacs processing and operations. The purpose is to assess the technical competence and operational integrity of payroll bureaus.

These rigorous checking processes ensure that Bacs arrangements are the best they can be, according to the requirements defined by Bacs. Bureau need to achieve at least an “adequate” rating in all categories to gain Bacs certification.

Of course, as we’re effectively handing client money – that’s your money – these high standards are nothing short of what you’d expect.

What are the benefits of using a Bacs approved bureau?

The advantages of selecting a bureau who’s Bacs approved are many, including:-

  • Faster payments: you’ll never again need to worry about paying your dues when they’re due
  • Tighter security: having met Bacs’ security recommendations, you’ve got confidence in secure financial information and safe Bacs payments
  • Time for other work: we manage your payments so you’ve got more time for your primary tasks
  • Increased efficiencies: by introducing automated, electronic processes, you can operate more efficiently
  • Reduced costs: save money on dedicated in-house personnel and software with an affordable monthly fee for our services

Contact our payroll team for more information on the Bacs Approved Bureau Scheme and our outsourced payroll service.